Infrastructure Hero



$3.3 billion

Aggregate portfolio capitalization of $3.3 billion

10 Canadian projects

Direct investment and management of 10 Canadian public-private partnership projects

OMERS Infrastructure

Co-investment strategy in OMERS Infrastructure’s global portfolio of large operating assets

Pension plans

Owned by 10 Canadian union and management pension plans

12+ years

12+ years of direct public infrastructure investment and asset management

Our ESG Pillars

Strong Governance

Strong Governance

CIF has a separate Board of Directors and governance, though the principles and general approach to ESG are consistent with those of Concert Properties.
Pillar Social

Social Responsibility

CIF is aligned corporately with and supports the social sustainability, objectives, requirements and results of Concert Properties.
Pillar Environment

Environmental Stewardship

CIF’s environmental objectives, requirements and results are defined by government partners under the project contract or agreement supporting the delivery and management of the particular infrastructure asset.
Assets in the Concert infrastructure portfolio are owned by various levels of government. These assets are being built and managed to meet social objectives. They are schools, police stations and hospitals. They include an airport in Iqaluit. The function of these facilities is to benefit public policy interests and objectives for various government entities and the communities they serve. Derron Bain, Chief Executive Officer, Concert Infrastructure

Infrastructure Awards

Infrastructure Awards

Concert Infrastructure Wins Gold Award for Project Development

Concert Infrastructure and its partners were honoured to win the 2022 Gold Award for Project Development from the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships for our work on a unique bundled project delivery in Alberta comprising five high schools.


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