Corporate Profile

As an independent, long-term investor, developer and manager of public infrastructure, Concert Infrastructure is primarily focused on securing greenfield investments in the Canadian PPP infrastructure market. The company will also pursue strategic secondary market acquisitions of infrastructure assets. The full range of the Company’s activities today include: identifying and working with select partners to pursue infrastructure projects and equity investment opportunities; managing direct or indirect interests in projects (including Project Company and operations management); and administering the day-to-day functions of the various Concert Infrastructure corporate and project entities.

Today, Concert Infrastructure Fund holds investments and irrevocable commitments of $505 million. Since inception in October 2010, the Company has made eight infrastructure investments that required a cumulative equity investment of approximately $246 million. As a result, Concert Infrastructure has been able to directly participate in arranging or managing approximately $940 million in fully-committed debt financing for projects with a combined value of approximately $2.1 billion.

Concert Infrastructure has been successful in forming strong strategic partnerships and securing solid investment opportunities for its pension plan unit holders. As an industry leader and a preferred government partner, Concert Infrastructure continues to approach each project with the intention of remaining a partner for the duration of the project, valuing long-term, stable returns for our ten Canadian union and management pension funds.